The flight from KL to Sri Lanka

typed this out during my flight yesterday morning

Spending 4 hours on an Air Asia flight is not an easy task. The seats refuse to make you feel comfortable and sleeping on them would be unadvisable as your head might slide of the headrest and hit an unsuspecting neighbor. Still… can’t complain too much since I can book my flight at home & pay rock-bottom prices to travel.
*yaaay for cheap, no-travel-agent-needed, hassle-free travelling*

I spent the first hour of my flight trying to make myself comfortably fall asleep given that it was 8am and I needed my beauty sleep – an exercise in futility. That not having worked out I snapped out my laptop and started doing random things. Cleaned up my desktop of its *gasp* un-folderised content. This proved quite entertaining for a good hour – create folder, drag items in, look in other folders to see if everything is in order, find unsuspecting files lurking in the background and set them straight, export misplaced Excel worksheets to folders marked by date – I was in organizer heaven!

In the process of whacking files into place I came across a free-mind file that I took the time to fill in about travelling in Sri Lanka. This was a brainstorm for Javad’s n Annie’s travelling to Lanka. Armed with purpose and information, I went about filling in the details about hotels, travelling, essentials, etc into the file… check it out below! I’ll screen-shot it in during my next post.

Having completed the two tasks… I took a peak at my watch and had 1.5 hours more to go!! JEEEESAS all that took only 30 minutes! Good thing the laptop had exactly that amount of time left on it.

On another note, I came across a situation that made me feel sad. On my way to the rest-room an elderly lady caught my attention and mimed eating with her right-hand with a tired face. Whoever had booked her ticket had neither arranged a meal for her nor informed her that she’d need to purchase some during the flight if she needed to. I’m sure it’s a miserable situation to be in. Having pointed out the passenger to a nearby waitress, I left her being attended to. Thinking about it now, it’d be terrible to be in her situation… stuck in a plane, not knowing why the other passengers are being served warm food and juices while I remain hungry. I think it’s a basic service / duty of flights to make it a point to announce such things in all the principle languages. Surely if they’d announced it in Tamil & Sinhalese at the start at the flight, she would have considered fishing out some money to buy a meal. Playing a simple recording over the intercom would have done the trick.

and then I went back to staring at my watch

Note: For those of you who want to take the bus from LCCT to KL Central, you don’t really need to be worried about standing in line to buy your tickets. Just head over to the bus stand because they’ll usually issue you a ticket after you’ve been seated in the bus.


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