Reducing noise on photos

I recently needed to take shots at a really high ISO while taking shots at a gig at the Annexe, KL. Of course my superbly steady hand <not> ensured terribly grainy pictures. Lucky me, DPS decided to publish a short post that shares tips on reducing noise on an image using photoshop. I still don’t understand it too well, but I thought it’d be a great ongoing experiment to log the results.

I didn’t follow the instructions directly, but it did get me experimenting a little…

So here’s the BEFORE shot:

What I did was take this photo, create a duplicate layer of it and change the blending options to ‘Multiply’. And voila! Huge difference.


wait for it!

Here’s the post-processed image:

KL Sing Song 2009

Not only is this photo clearer, but it’s also gives it a much healthier look. I would recommend you view both photos in full size to feel the difference. I’ll need to do something about my blog’s real-estate soon, it’s too narrow to display images in full detail.

On another note, I’ve also joined Project 365 on Flickr. I’m hoping it’ll get me shooting my one photo a day. Tomorrow’s Day 1! Many opportunities await on the trip to Bentong, Pahang.


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