Going fishing

Gin n I finally decided to buy a fishing rod after 4 years of talk about how much fun it would be to go fishing. Late much?

Went down to Tackle Box over in Subang Jaya and got us all the thing’s we’d need to catch us some fishies -> A 6′ casting rod with a cork handle & graphite rod. A reel. Multiple hooks for dough balls. Single size 8 hooks. An 8 pound nylon line. A pack of swivels. A floater and 2 sinkers. All for Rm180. All of these items are geared towards fishing in ponds / streams and fish that are hopefully lesser than 4kg.


All the lil stuff


Fishing rod

The great guy at the shop even helped us get started by spindling in the fishing line into the reel and then knotting a swivel into the main line. Even let me video him tying a knot – awesome idea in hindsight.

Our first fishing adventure was at a pond behind a Shell station in KJ (the one opposite Giant) but that resulted in a skeeter bites and no fish. There were however quite a few funny moments since I hadn’t gone fishing before – it’s no fun hooking stinky squid to the end of the line!

The experience was fun overall so we’re now on the hunt for great ponds to fish at.
Will post up pictures of the first catfish we catch 🙂

Tackle Box Adventures Sdn Bhd.
Address: 99, SS15/4C, Subang Jaya,
47500 PetalingJaya, Selangor. Tel/Fax: +603.5637.0268


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