Pakistan Aug ’09

Thought I’d share a bit about my 5 day stay in Pakistan when I went to attend a close friend’s wedding.

The minute I got off the plane at Karachi airport, I could feel the slight warmth in the air and I thought to myself “one more beautiful country to explore”.

I was picked up by the friend’s brother and dad and taken over to the family house over in Clifton – thank goodness cos I would have been quite lost. Sumi, the bride was waiting for me at home – peaking out of the balcony waving, yelling and giggling at the same time. Two girl friends meeting up after 4 years.

Surprisingly, most of my holiday was spent indoors – had I been asked to do this in Sri Lanka I would have started sulking within a couple of hours. Most of my days there involved waking up late, grabbing a quick breakfast, accompanying Sumaira to the beautician’s, entertaining family and chatting away till the wee hours of the night.

The days spent there was truly colorful, not because of the places I saw or the things I did – but because of the friends I spent it with. Not only did I meet Sumair, but I also caught up with my 2 holiday buds and 3 other school mates – these I hadn’t met in 6 to 7 years. I’m quite Paki on the inside. There was a constant exchange of stories about the people we had become close friends with over the last few years and about things we enjoyed.

The wedding went quite well. Photos were taken, food was had and rituals took place in time.

Here’s a pics from the outdoor wedding:

Rahe & Sumi

Rahe & Sumi

Considering this post might get way too long and the fact that it’s 2am and I’m very drowsy, here’s a word-cloud of what I would have written about!

Awesome biriyani . Barfi and laddoos . Snowy:a fat cat . Shopping in Defence, Karachi . Meeting Sumi’s relatives who’d come down after 13 years . Playing with colored chicks . Henna on my hands . Kurtas and bangles . Wedding . Being talked to in Urdu and completely understanding it! . Manicures, pedicures, hairstyling & makeup . Sightseeing . Cam-whoring . Eating . Late night gossip . 2010 Holiday plans


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