Getting up-close

Spices from Moms kitchen

Spices from Mom's kitchen

For those of you interested in taking macro shots, here are a few things I try to do.

– Make sure your camera is on macro settings 😉

Your camera might have two types of settings. One that runs on portrait mode, and another called digital macro – this depends very much on the model of course.

– I prefer to take my close-ups without the flash, because it gives the subject a washed out look. Also, the flash removes important shadows that define a subject, specially those that convey depth and character.

Now because your flash is off, the camera will adjust the exposure time to allow for the image to be captured as well as to allow enough light to flow in. This usually results in slightly blurry pictures caused by minor shakes.

– So, it’s all about stability. You want to make sure that there’s minimal movement while the image is being captured. Your options are to use a tripod or to make sure there’s minimal shaking.

– If you’re standing, use your legs to give you good balance.

– For the arms and hands, make sure your hands don’t shake – you can do so by resting them on something solid. Also tuck your arms in so that they are aligned with your body – again its all about balance.

Colored coconut shavings aka Sara-vita

Colored coconut shavings aka Sara-vita

– Your breathing could also contribute to blurred pics. Try holding your breath while your camera captures the image.

– One of the early mistakes I made was to release the capture button before the picture was taken. Removing your finger from the button mid-shot would shake the camera a little and effect your near-perfect shot. Try keeping the button depressed until the shot is done.

That’s all for now!

Colored coconut shavings aka sara-vita

2 comments so far

  1. Shamal Karunarathne on

    Nice shots.
    But the instructions to capture a macro shot seems outdated. =P. Modern cameras Sony, Canon, Nikon (digital or SLR) has high tech capture algorithms that make the lens less sensitive to vibrations (shakes)

    • Anne Malithi Fernando on

      That maybe so, but it’s usually on fully functional when the camera’s in auto mode – i.e. when it can control all the variables itself. Try a new camera in a mode that doesn’t use flash and most of them produce shaky images… unless your camera costs 7000 ringitt 🙂 Now those are the bomb, always deliver beautiful results!

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