The office is going through a phase of absorbing SaaS methodologies. Specially those that could help our service be more SaaS-like.

Must say it’s completely changed the way I look at websites nowadays – the front-page itself speaks volumes about the company behind it. Information presentation, ease of use, color combination that’s easy on the eyes, support levels, being able to find the info you need, are some simple things you can spot from the get-go.

So now my colleagues and I live, eat & breath SaaS to ensure that our service gives off the same aura 🙂 Simplicity is key in this era and I believe it sells!

I believe the direction being taken by the populous of new companies is to ensure that there’s minimal friction involved in getting a customer to sign-up and therefore pay for services. To this effect, the online-experience has definitely evolved to allow even the most unexperienced user to quickly, jump on board and benefit from the best of services out there.

Take Wufoo for example, their website looks great – it really makes you feel welcome, the language used is informal and yet the familiarity lulls much fears about adopting their services. Furthermore, its amazingly easy to use! Let me elaborate on what they do, Wufoo provides a service that allows you to quickly create a form on it’s site and then embed it in your own website and do all that in less than 20 minutes! Try doing that with your CMS & HTML folks!


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